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Making Light Work Of Installations

Developing new and innovative products that offer complete flexibility and make electrical installation projects quicker and easier to carry out is what Scolmore prides itself on. As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of wiring accessories and lighting products, Scolmore is continually investing to bring the very latest technologies 
to market.


With the launch of its brand new Lighting Management System, Scolmore Group brings to the market one of the most cost-efficient lighting control systems currently available.


Part of the company’s FLOW range, the Lighting Management System is a comprehensive range of new and existing FLOW products that is designed to help contractors create more complex lighting installations quickly, easily and safely.


What is unique to this system is the switching configuration capability which provides complete flexibility and allows the quick connection, configuration and re-configuration of circuits using a simple ‘plug and play’ concept. Built-in selectable configurations will save significant time in the planning and fitting stages of a project, leading to reduced labour requirements and therefore resulting in considerable cost savings. Changeable switch modes mean that if an installation’s requirement should change, it can be easily altered to suit. The FLOW Lighting Management System comprises a 16 way and 8-way Outlet Distribution Box, 2-way Splitter and a range of accessory leads and connectors.


The lighting management box (CT1016) – also referred to as a marshalling box
– features 16 connections that can be controlled in three different ways – 1 x 16-way with one-way switching; 1 x 16- way with two-way switching and 2 x 8-way with one-way switching. A host of features makes it easy for contractors to quickly complete more intricate lighting projects.


The marshalling box is hung from the ceiling suspension system, positioned close to the luminaires and because of its compact dimensions can be installed in confined voids. It is capable of supporting more than 16 light fittings if used in conjunction with further splitters and the 4-pole system means that it can support emergency fittings. Outputs can be dimmed using standard MAINS dimmers and PIR sensors can be used for automatic on/off and lux level control.


The 8-way outlet distribution hub (CT1008) carries all the benefits of Scolmore’s popular plug and play FLOW system and features nine outputs (eight on top and one on the end) providing installers with the means to simply link multiple units together or extend a circuit, where there is no requirement for any additional level of control.


The 2-Way Splitter (CT350) has been specifically designed to be slim-lined
so that it can be used with the lighting management box and the distribution hub. It has the obvious benefit that it allows for up to double the amount of outputs.


With its unique switching configuration capacity, the FLOW Lighting Management System offers superior flexibility and cost savings and the application potential is wide and varied, with commercial, retail, leisure, health and educational projects all set to benefit.





Scolmore lights up the Holiday Inn


Scolmore products are specified and installed in high-profile building projects throughout the UK and the IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)
– which counts the Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Crowne Plaza among its brands – has been a recent beneficiary. Holiday Inn is the largest midscale hotel brand in the UK with 133 Holiday Inn and 124 Holiday Inn Express hotels.


Scolmore’s lighting and wiring accessories ranges are providing stylish finishing touches at the Holiday Inn Huntingdon – Racecourse in Cambridgeshire.


All 98 bedrooms and all corridors of this new build venture have been fitted with Scolmore’s innovative low energy Inceptor LED downlights in a satin chrome finish, with matching wiring accessories providing a co-ordinated look.


Since its launch, Scolmore’s Inceptor and Inceptor Micro Integrated LED downlights are proving hugely popular with installers – providing a high light output, high performance product that can be fitted into the shallowest of ceiling voids. With a pre-wired driver and flow connector, Inceptor is quick and easy to install and combines a number of key features which sets


it apart from competitor products. Unique to Inceptor is the innovative flexi-driver element which means it can be fitted into a recess depth of just 60mm – making it one of the most flexible fittings currently available.


The contractor responsible for installing the products said he
was impressed with the ease of installation, dimmable capability and the opportunity to use matching fittings as key factors in selecting Scolmore’s products.

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