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Deta Electrical is pleased to announce the launch of its 1141 Carbon Dioxide Monitor

The modern day home is becoming increasingly airtight as house builders strive to improve energy efficiency within the home, driven by building regulation requirements. 


One of the drawbacks however of living within a practically airtight home, can be the impact on air quality.  Pollution within the home can be as much as five times higher than outside, with many household items emitting potentially harmful and life threatening pollutants.


Ensuring that domestic dwellings are properly ventilated is therefore essential in minimising potential health risks.  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels are generally accepted as one of the best indicators of effective or ineffective ventilation.  Simple actions that can be taken to improve ventilation include:


  • Ensuring trickle vents remain open

  • Windows or ventilation systems are used when cooking, cleaning or showering

  • Opening windows during the night

  • Leaving laundry to dry by an open window




Despite the simple remedies to improve air quality, many occupants are unable to detect signs of poor air quality or more importantly are unaware when action should be taken. 


In response to the requirement to ensure good air quality within today’s modern, energy efficient, airtight home, Deta Electrical is pleased to announce the launch of its 1141 Carbon Dioxide Monitor, an extension to its popular range of Safety Alarms.  


Manufactured in the UK, incorporating state-of-the-art, self-calibrating monitoring technology and with no requirement for specialist installation, Deta’s Carbon Dioxide Monitor meets all the requirements for CO2 Monitoring within the latest edition of the Scottish Technical Handbook for Domestic Dwellings (October 2015). 


Don Simler, Sales Director at Deta Electrical, said “We are proud to be able to offer the first Carbon Dioxide Monitor of its kind, this product will help to ensure that homes are properly ventilated to minimise hazardous pollutants and improve air and health quality.”


Deta’s 1141 Carbon Dioxide Monitor is available to order now from all good electrical wholesalers. For further information, please contact Deta Electrical on 01582 544 544 or visit

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