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Concord – Ascent 100

Concord is launching the new Ascent 100 downlight. A direct replacement for the renowned Concord LED 100-TE CFL downlight, Ascent 100 now benefits from the latest, highly efficient, LED technologies.  Combining an aesthetic redesign coupled with exceptional performance, this new luminaire provides outstanding light quality.


The Ascent 100 is available in two versions: architectural and decorative. Both options are designed for small ceiling apertures, available in both 120mm and 160mm diameters. The Ascent range is a minimal-maintenance solution for spaces with a high footfall, such as circulation areas, reception spaces and corridors. In 120mm guise, the range offers an LED solution comparable to single 13W, 18W, 26W and additional twin 26W and the 160mm range offers the equivalent to 18W, 32W and 42W and additional twin 32W.


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