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Listens, Innovates, Delivers

This has long been the mantra of Super Rod, with a philosophy of putting their customers at the heart of product development. The latest product launch is a great example of this philosophy come to life.


In January 2015, Super Rod launched the Klein range of hand tools into the UK. Nearly 18 months in, they are further strengthening the range by adding a range of bespoke VDE Screwdrivers in the European style.


Overall the feedback on the Klein range has been excellent, with regards to quality, durability and functionality they have it spot on. The one subject that has divided the nation is the screwdrivers. The Klein ‘cushion grip’ has a cult following in the US, but in the UK they are often described as ‘Marmite’ with vocal advocates on both sides.


Not wanting to disappoint the growing league of Klein fans, the Super Rod team have worked closely with the Klein design team. Customers now have a choice of both styles, either the US cushion grip or the European ergonomic style.




When Super Rod/Klein Tools started on the development they wanted something different and resisted the easy option of just changing the handle. So, once again, they listened to their customers and identified three main areas where people were looking for improvements.


Firstly, not only must the grip be comfortable, but the handle should be of a shape that won’t roll off a surface the minute you put it down. Secondly, identification, the handles should be clearly marked at the top of the handle so you can select the right screwdriver every time from your tool bag, but also line up the blade using the markings on the handle. Finally, nearly all the screwdrivers we were shown in the development had the insulation either cut or worn away to allow the user to work with MCB’s etc. 


The good news is all three issues have been addressed, the ‘anti-roll’ handle has been created, and is clearly marked at the user end showing the type and size of tip, and also its orientation. When you reach the tip you still have a fully insulated VDE tip, but with a much slimmer style, thus retaining your protection whilst allowing you access is the tightest of areas.


The full range will be available from June 1st, at over 400 CEF locations across the UK and Ireland.


For more information, please visit 

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