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Compliant Labelling

Mike Kelly, head of labelling at Brother UK, offers his advice on how labelling can help electricians to meet industry regulations, keep customers happy and work professionally.


When it comes to electrical labelling, getting it right
is something electricians can’t afford to leave to chance – taking shortcuts can put people and property in danger. But with the evolution of electrical label printers, it’s now even easier for trade professionals to stay compliant.


To do this, electricians need to ensure work is carried out in accordance with wiring regulations, which are frequently updated or reviewed. Section 514 of the regulations provides detailed guidance on identification and notices.


Although clear identification can be a time consuming part of the job, it’s a vital one. And it can be made easier with the right tools at hand. Identification labels need to be durable and legible.


In the electrical trade, compliant labelling doesn’t just cover wires and cables. It’s also important to clearly identify devices like RCDs and to create notices relating to things like voltage warnings, non-standard wiring colours and periodic inspection.


The versatility of label printers
means they are a key tool for helping electricians fulfil many of the identification requirements of the wiring regulations. Producing clear, durable labels in a variety of different sizes and colours means
that they can be used for a number of applications.




Whether you’re working in a commercial, industrial or domestic setting, electrical label printers make it simple to complete an installation. Built-in standard templates make it easy to create cable wrap, faceplate and distribution board labels. You can also choose from a wide range of standard symbols, including ‘warning’ and ‘high- voltage’ signs to enhance the relevance and impact of the label.


When unexpected or unusual requirements crop up, producing customised labels on-site can also amount to time and money saved. Instead of having to leave site to buy the labels you need from a wholesaler, you can design and print them out on the spot – a much more cost effective solution. Our new label printer even lets you create single colour logos so you can include your business details on installations for easy reference and future business.


It’s a far more efficient way of working when you consider the process of sourcing and keeping off-the-shelf labels on hand. For electricians working on construction sites, it’s not uncommon for packets of pre-printed labels to get lost, damaged or dirty, making them unsuitable for use. So rather than compromising on the quality of work, you can simply print off the labels you need when you need them – and store that information in the machine to use again later.




Our recently launched PT-E550WVP builds on the strengths of previous models with its wireless direct capability and lets you connect to a range of devices – like smartphones, tablets, and PCs – to download the data you need for a particular job.


The handheld PT-E550WVP can also be used with Brother’s Cable Label Tool app which means you can design your own labels on your smartphone or tablet, and print them off instantly. This is another quick, low cost and easy way to create customised labels.


If you’re in the market for a label printer to help you stay compliant, it’s worth having a look at our range of electronic label printers. You might just find the solution you need to make your working life a lot easier.




Our flagship electrical label printer expands on the tried and tested features of Brother’s industrial label printer range. Like others in its category, it’s been purpose-built for on- site conditions making it a must-have tool for trade professionals.


  • Download data from a range of devices via Wireless Direct

  • Create customised labels with Brother’s Cable Label Tool app

  • Print durable labels up to 24mm wide

  • Use tape that’s resistant to water, abrasion and extreme temperatures

  • Keep tape wastage to a minimum with a new half-cut feature

  • Have enhanced visibility with a large backlit LCD screen


This label printer has been developed to support electricians in meeting all of the identification requirements of the current wiring regulations, including:


  • General – ID and Notices (514.14.1)

  • Bare Conductors (514.4.6)

  • ID of conductors by lettering and/or numbering (514.5.1)

  • ID of a protective device (514.8.1)

  • Voltage warning (514.10.1)

  • Isolation (514.11.1)

  • Periodic inspection (514.12.1)

  • RCD (514.12.2)

  • Earthing & bonding (513.13.1)


To see the label printer in action, visit

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