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M2 Electrical Wiring Accessories

The aim of M2 Electrical is to provide stylish but affordable domestic installation products that provide feature and benefit for the installer and a pleasing aesthetic for the end user.


The range of white moulded electrical accessories have been designed with soft curved edge face plates and smooth rocker switches to suit most contemporary homes or offices. Lighting switches feature interchangeable modules that permits various switch functionality to be accommodated during installation, including the recent addition of fully rated dimmer modules suitable for GU and LED lighting applications, particularly useful in kitchen environments where a combination of lighting control between fluorescents and LED is required. 


Choices of single pole and double pole switch sockets are available with the popular versions that include USB charging outlets for iPads, mobile phones etc. M2 also offer an engraving service, commonly used on switched connection units for household utilities such as, washing machine, dish washer etc.


To provide an even improved appearance and added value, M2 have recently launched the five different metal plate finishes that constitute the M2 Decorative range. The slim 5mm deep plates have been hand finished and are supplied with a protective stove hardened lacquer.  Further choices exist of fully moulded or matching metal rocker options with the UK manufacturing facility also able to provide specials where required.

Complimented by an array of ceiling products, the complete of M2 range offers a 25 year guarantee and has now been widely specified by local authorities and housing associations throughout the United Kingdom.


M2 as a British manufacturer has recently been awarded BS EN 9001 Quality Systems standard as further support to its commitment to quality in the market place.




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