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M2 Electrical on Amendment 3 compliance

As the January 1st deadline approaches, the demand for metal clad consumer units for domestic applications is increasing fast. For M2, we’ve seen great volume growth this year for our Amendment 3 compliant product range not only within our wholesale distribution network but also through client specification.


Key to our success has been producing unique products with features and benefits for the installing electrician. The dual screw main isolator switch has been instrumental in achieving many of the specifications we have attained over the past 12 months and added with the compact RCBO range offering unrivalled cabling space and now featuring a 40 Amp rated device, the success continues as clients make the switch to M2.


Since the launch of our Metal Clad range nearly 12 months ago, we have travelled across the UK speaking to electricians and identifying their requirements to aid installation. From this, M2 has made a number of minor alterations to the design of the enclosure and also introduced a range of essential accessories for our range. These include meter tail gland packs in both brass and EPDM materials suitable for 25mm2 and 16mm2 meter tails; spacer mount brackets to aid installations with surface mount supply and load cables and also intumescent materials to maintain fire containment in the event of a high resistance (loose) connection.


Unlike polymer type intumescent materials which soften / deform under relatively low temperatures, our intumescent putty provides a stable barrier in the event of a fire that can be formed to suit the cable entry size and application, and be easily reformed at a later date should a circuit be added or removed.  Completing our offering, M2 provides a special assembly service for our customers producing custom built assemblies for specific applications.


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