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New CCTV from ESP keeps an eye on the future of camera systems

ESP CCTV systems

ESP has developed a new IP CCTV range that will satisfy the growing demand from customers and contractors and meet the needs of a changing market place which is moving from analogue to IP.

The new IP POE CCTV range is designed to offer superior solutions for a range of applications, from domestic through to larger and more complex commercial projects.

The range features POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) which enables the camera and power feed to be wired in Cat5e cable for up to 100 metres without the need for additional power.

A single ethernet cable provides both the power and the HD digital feed, with just one cable per camera. There are two ranges available - the REKOR IP 2 megapixel range for the domestic market, and the HDView IP 5 megapixel range, which is aimed at larger applications.

For further information, call ESP on 01527 515 150, email or visit

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