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Change for the better

SELECTcerts gets an update with new certificates and some other great features

We’re having to update SELECTcerts as BS 7671:2018 +A2:2022 includes an amended version of the Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) which supersedes the one that is currently part of the single Certificate of Construction introduced in July 2020.

The changes come into effect on 9 January 2023 and are particularly relevant for Approved Bodies (AB) and Approved Certifiers of Construction (ACC) registered in SELECTs Certification of Construction Scheme who verify compliance with Building (Scotland) Regulations for work carried out under a building warrant.

The opportunity to make a number of other changes has also been taken and follows up on suggestions for improvements to the certificate from ABs and ACCs using the scheme.

The changes should make the production of the Certificate of Construction simpler, with the drop-down option for adding a new certificate containing an updated version that is clearly identifiable as the ‘2022 Certificate of Construction’.

Other new features include:

  • A new table in the body of the Certificate of Construction to enable the AB/ACC to indicate the nature of the work that has been undertaken and how the work has been checked for compliance

  • Options to choose the relevant supplementary certificates that relate to how the nature of the work has been checked when creating the Certificate of Construction

  • Options for relevant supplementary certificates, including BS 7671:2018 +A2:2022 model certificates such as the Electrical Installation Certificate and single signature version of the EIC and Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate.

Other new supplementary certificate options include, where relevant, BS 5266 certification for emergency lighting systems for premises other than dwellings, BS 5839-6 certification for fire detection and fire alarms in dwellings, and BS 5839-1 certification for fire detection and fire alarms for buildings other than dwellings.


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