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ESP reveals its new Two-Wire Fire Alarm System

ESP is expanding its range of fire protection products with the launch of the new MAGDUO Two-Wire Fire Alarm System range. It offers a highly flexible and adaptable system that will save time and money on the installation process.

The system is ‘Two-Wire’, meaning that all system devices can be installed on the same circuit with the capacity for up to 32 devices per zone.

ESP’s new range comprises 25 separate products including two, four and eight-zone fire panels, as well as repeater panels, with the four and eight-zone panels able to support up to eight repeater panels. A FlexiPoint detector is programmable to seven different modes, including smoke and heat detection with various sounders, strobes and call points in the range.

MAGDUO provides an ideal fire alarm solution for a range of small- to medium-sized projects such as restaurants, retail outlets, schools, offices, apartments and hotels. ESP is offering full training on the new system to all wholesalers and installers.

For further information, call 01527 515 150, email or visit

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