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Screen star

Technical Advisers try out the new touchscreen technology that will change how we educate people and make courses at The Walled Garden more interactive and fun

Stuart McKelvie tries out the screen

SELECT’s Technical team welcomed in the New Year by getting to grips with the early Christmas present that will help transform the way we deliver training.

We told in the last issue of cabletalk how the association has invested in a Clevertouch Technologies UX Pro 2 smart screen to enhance our in-person courses.

The technology will see fully interactive courses being delivered in high-definition via the giant 4K touchscreen – and our Technical experts were only to keen to road-test it in person during a training day at The Walled Garden.

Technical Advisers (TAs) Bruce Findlay, Keith Hagan, Robert McGoogan, Mark McLaughlin and Neil Sim and Consultant Technical Adviser Billy McRobert all put the screen through its paces on 5 January.

Also attending the session were Director of Technical Services Bob Cairney and Training Development Adviser Stuart McKelvie, who had already tested the tech and given it an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

“The screen is very easy to easy to use and will make training courses much more interactive and engaging for delegates”

On hand to guide the team through any technical queries were SELECT’s IT Systems Administrator Alan Paul and Peter Brown, Product Development Manager at Clevertouch Technologies.

Familiarisation session attendees (left to right) Alan Paul, Robert McGoogan, Bob Cairney, Bruce Findlay, Peter Brown, Billy McRobert, Stuart McKelvie, Mark McLaughlin, Keith Hagan and Neil Sim

The TAs were given basic training in the technology, which will be used to deliver SELECT training programmes at The Walled Garden over the coming year.

Keith said: “The screen is very easy to easy to use and will make training courses much more interactive and engaging for delegates.”

Colleague Robert agreed, adding: “The size, speed and responsiveness of the screen will make presenting much easier and puts next-level training at our fingertips – quite literally.”

As well as practising with the screen, TAs also discussed some potential topics for this year’s Toolbox Talks, which will be delivered by the wider team across Scotland in May and June.

Bob said: “The day was a big success and we made significant progress in terms of learning what the touchscreen can do and familiarising ourselves with its many features.

“It was also good to discuss this year’s Toolbox Talks and identify the relevant topics that Members will find useful when we hit the road later this year.”

Designed by teachers for teachers, the award-winning Clevertouch technology features a host of built-in apps that help to make note-taking, brainstorming and presentation-building simple and intuitive.

The next generation training tool works like a giant whiteboard, and also allows us to screen videos and webinars and deliver traditional PowerPoint presentations – all in high-definition 4K.


Guides will help to gauge risk levels

The resources are available to download

SELECT has produced two new downloadable resources to help Members complete digital risk assessments.

Developed by our Technical team as editable PDFs, the first resource is entitled Risk assessment for the omission of a surge protective device (SPD) as permitted in Regulation 443.4.1 and acts as a formal record where the inclusion of protection against transient overvoltages by the installation of an SPD has not been provided because the owner of the installation has declared that any subsequent loss or damage is tolerable and accepts the risk of damage to equipment and any consequential loss.

“These PDFs are designed to be easy to use to help Members compile effective risk assessments”

Also available to download is Risk assessment for the omission of additional protection by 30mA RCD for socket-outlets with a rated current not exceeding 32A, which will also help Members keep a record of installations where the exception to Regulation 411.3.3 (ii) has been applied.

Director of Technical Services Bob Cairney said: “These PDFs are designed to be easy to use to help Members compile effective risk assessments. We will continue to respond to feedback and provide further resources as needed.”

Both forms can be downloaded from the SELECT website.


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