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New look for Visnet, pioneer in low voltage management

Building on a recent period of growth, VisNet® from EA Technology has updated its branding and launched a comprehensive new website; enabling it to better communicate the products and services it offers customers in the field of Low Voltage (LV) network management.

With some of the most advanced and reliable LV monitoring and visibility tools available in the industry, the VisNet brand promise is to ‘Anticipate Tomorrow’s Grid, Today’ – reflecting a forward-thinking approach on the futureproofing of solutions and a true commitment to creating value for customers. The VisNet product offering consists of the heralded VisNet Hub, an industry leading low voltage monitoring system; the Guard and the Reclose 2, all supported by a sophisticated software platform and a tailored suite of smart apps.

Developed to clearly communicate the unique VisNet offering, the new website not only bears the refreshed branding but will make it much simpler for any interested party to learn more about the range of solutions, review research and data, and discover how to purchase the products themselves. The website will also feature new and regular content such as news and blog posts, case studies, whitepapers and more in the short and long-term future.

Dave A Roberts, Managing Director of VisNet, said: “We are in an incredibly exciting and transformative phase at VisNet. We have enjoyed remarkable growth over the past four years and continue to set ourselves ambitious goals for the future to ensure even more success.

“We feel that in order to achieve these stretching targets, it is crucial to have a brand that is not only fit for purpose, but which represents the important products and service we offer. VisNet exists to support the essential global decarbonisation effort, through powerful insights with our innovative products that we consistently and tirelessly improve and develop.”

From real-time monitoring to fault location, VisNet offers user-friendly LV power solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs. Providing invaluable insights to owners and operators of low voltage networks, the VisNet Hubs help to remove barriers to decarbonisation by providing a clear understanding of the additional strain placed on the network by electrically powered, carbon-friendly systems such as EV chargers and heat pumps.

To learn more about VisNet and the product offering, visit:


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