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Klein Tools USB tester

Klein Tools has launched a range of USB meters and testers, providing installers with the professional tools they need to monitor the performance of USB charging ports.

The range is thought to be the first branded equipment of its kind in the UK. It meets a growing demand for test and measuring equipment for USB sockets, which are increasingly fitted in a variety of locations from homes and cafes to hotels and student accommodation.

The Klein Tools USB test range includes three variations – the ET900, ET910 and the ET920. The compact ET900 measures USB-A power delivery devices, the ET910 tests and measures USB-A ports and their maximum current output, and the ET920 measures USB-A and USB-C connectors.

The equipment is suitable for troubleshooting a range of USB ports, including wall sockets, car chargers, portable power banks and ports with charging capabilities.

Using the test meters is intuitive, installers simply plug and play. Insert the cables into the USB port to be tested and the unit will continuously monitor up to 1,000 hours of voltage (3-20V DC), current (0.5-3A), capacity/charge delivered, energy and resistance (calculated). It detects voltage and current overloads.

Test measurements can be read off the high-resolution back-lit LCD display with up to 10 data readings stored on the unit. Testers don’t need batteries as they draw power from the USB port being monitored or tested.

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