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Always get the balance right with Hultafors mini Pocket Spirit Levels

Hultafors Tools new pocket levels

It’s always been Hultafors Tools’ vision to give professional tradesmen and women the best quality tools for optimal on-site performance.

Now it’s done it again with its new Mini Pocket spirit levels, which come complete with a modern design for carrying out levelling work in tight spaces.

The new clear-focus vial is part of its range of best-in-class levelling and marking equipment.

The ergonomic design includes a crush-proof vial with a +60 per cent magnifying effect, and also features a luminescent effect for easy reading in both light or dark conditions.

There’s also a strong protective casing and a magnetic version – ideal for accurate vertical measuring.

Both new models look great and, added to the other products in the Hultafors’ range, means there’s something to suit every conceivable levelling requirement.

To find out more about the Hultafors Tools range of spirit levels, call the company’s helpline on 01484 854 788. Alternatively, download a catalogue at

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