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ESP blazes a trail with new addressable graphite fire panel

The MAGPRO96 from MAGfire

ESP has relaunched its range of MAGfire addressable fire panels with a new and improved design and the addition of a new model featuring a graphite grey colour for the housing, which will sit alongside the original classic white version to offer more choice to customers.

The launch is in response to the growing demand in the market place which is seeing a move away from white to alternative finish options. The MAGPRO16 Addressable 16-Zone Fire Panel and the MAGPRO96 Addressable 96-Zone Fire Panel are now each available in the two colour options, The MAGPRO16 offers 16 zones with one to two loops and a maximum of 250 devices per loop and features a 4x40 character LCD display. The MAGPRO96, with 96 zones with one to four loops, features a 320x 240 pixel touch screen display.

For further information, contact ESP on 01527 515 150, email or visit their website,

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