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Scolmore is shining a light on innovation with new downlights

Inceptor Nano fire-rated LED downlight

The latest additions to Scolmore’s integrated LED downlights - Inceptor Nano5 - introduce new, compact, fire-rated, dimmable downlights, with an array of features in their shallow profiles.

With a highly competitive price point, the new high-performance, 4.8W LED products are designed to have mass market appeal and are suitable for a variety of uses in domestic applications.

The two models - Inceptor Nano5 Fixed and Inceptor Nano5 Adjustable - allow the luminaire to be directed to where light is needed and feature a compact, high-powered driver suitable for installation in a fire rated ceiling. Nano5 Fixed is designed for a 60mm cut out and will fit into a recess depth of 45mm, while the Adjustable is designed for a 75mm cut out, with a recess of 54mm.

Both feature the Flow Connector, Scolmore’s pre-wired connection system that is designed to speed up installation and to allow faster removal for testing and replacement.

The company’s trademark blue strip of intumescent adds an extra barrier of protection against fire by expanding to fill the gap between the plasterboard and the light fitting. It also offers a 30, 60 and 90 minute fire rating, and is acoustic and airflow compliant.

With an ingress protection rating of IP65 for the fixed bezel and IP54 for the adjustable, they are both suitable for use in situations where moisture and low pressure water jets are a factor, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

For details, visit or call 01827 63454

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