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Megger top of the class for versatility

Megger advanced hand-held power quality analyser

Megger’s new advanced hand-held power quality analyser delivers top class performance, yet weighs significantly less than 2kg.

The versatile MPQ1000 offers oscilloscope and DVM modes. In both it can monitor and record power, energy, RMS voltage and current, harmonics, inter-harmonics, harmonic direction, THD, TDD, flicker, unbalance, rapid voltage change (RVC), mains signalling and phase angle deviation as well as sags, swells and transients down to one microsecond. It also performs waveform analysis up to the 128th harmonic in real time.

It automatically detects current clamps, recognises the range, identifies the nominal voltage and sets the triggers, after which it verifies that the unit is properly connected before allowing a test to start. Data is recorded by simply pushing a button.

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