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We’re taking charge of EV’s growing demand

As we continue to recognise our Members’ vital role in renewable technology, SELECT has launched a new membership sub-category to reflect the growing demand for the installation of electric vehicle charging equipment

The growth in renewable technology will mean opportunities for businesses

As you know, all SELECT Member businesses are classified and approved in specific work categories that are relevant to the electrotechnical work they undertake.

However, it has become apparent that many Members are now being asked to carry out new types of electrical installation work by customers.

This includes an increasing demand for the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment, which is being driven by climate change targets and the rise in popularity of low and zero-emission vehicles.

SELECT has therefore decided to expand its existing ten work categories to include this type of work, with the introduction of new classifications and approvals that recognise those Members who are competent to undertake EV charge point installations.

From 5 June 2023, three new sub-categories have been introduced specifically for Members who undertake such work and want to be recognised for their competence:

  • EV charging equipment installations (domestic)

  • EV charging equipment installations (commercial)

  • EV charging equipment installations (large scale).

These categories will ONLY be available for Members currently classified in work category 3.1: Low and Extra-low Voltage Electrical Installations up to 1kV.

Recognition will only be available to Members who satisfy our revised membership criteria, which are available on request. Specific technical requirements must also be in place before classification and approval can be given.

SELECT will also require a signed declaration by your principal representative (PR), together with evidence of your nominated competent person, i.e. Qualified Supervisor, having recent assessed training in BS 7671, ECS and EV charging equipment installation

What are the revised categories?

The revised work categories for classification and approval purposes within the scope of membership are shown in the table opposite.

Demand for charging points has increased

SELECT uses this information to help potential customers find Members with the necessary competence to undertake the specific work in each category, i.e. through the ‘Find a Member’ search facility on the SELECT website.

Of course, to achieve and retain SELECT membership and the associated classifications and approvals, a business also has to satisfy our membership criteria, adhere to our Code of Practice, and achieve a satisfactory outcome following a technical assessment carried out by our UKAS-accredited inspection service.

The assessment includes for:

  • Competence of employees

  • Possession and knowledge of relevant industry and statutory standards, and

  • The provision of suitable and adequate numbers of work samples which demonstrate both compliance with industry and statutory standards and good standards of work.

Further information on membership criteria is available from your Membership Representative and in our publication, Gateway to Membership, which can be downloaded from the Publications section of the SELECT website.

How do I apply for the new classification?

Being recognised for your businesses capability to install EV charging equipment is relatively straightforward.

First, complete and return the Application for Assessment of EV Charging Equipment Installations form that is available from The Walled Garden, together with accompanying evidence of your QS’s recent assessed training.

When this has been received by our technical administration team, it will be acknowledged and classification and approval will be confirmed following a desktop assessment of the evidence provided.

Classification and approval will then be added to our membership database for your business and will be included as a part of the future periodic technical assessments required for continuing membership of SELECT.

In conclusion

This launch is our latest commitment to renewable technology and follows the rollout of training courses in solar PV and electrical energy storage systems (EESS) with GTEC Training, and presentations on air source heat pumps and EESS at this year’s Toolbox Talks.

There is no doubt that the future is electric and that the way we live and work will increasingly rely on renewable technology powered by, and dependent on, electricity.

Members will play a key role in the design, installation and maintenance of such renewable systems so it is vital that we recognise their role and also provide peace of mind for the public, pointing them in the direction of skilled contractors who are suitably trained and qualified.


Find out more

A guide to the new sub-categories is available from the Publications section of the SELECT website. If you require any further clarification or information, please contact our Technical Administrators who will be happy to help. The team can be contacted by telephone on 0131 445 5577 or via email at

A guide to the new EV sub-categories is available on the Publications section of our website


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