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Discover the latest episode of the Sparks’ Remarks podcast

The apprentices featured in the podcast

As well as hearing the thoughts of 1st Stage apprentices, the latest instalment of Sparks’ Remarks features the inside track from fourth-year learners who are now setting their sights on rewarding careers beyond the lecture rooms.

More than wires and pliers: My first year as an apprentice sees both groups talk frankly about their experience at college and on-site, the complexity of the courses and the support they have received from the dedicated trainers guiding them.

The first half once again catches up with West Lothian College first years Fay Greens and Mason Arthurs, Nick Anderson, Robbie Super and Aaron Muir, who discuss their progress and what they’ve learned along the way.

One says: “I didn’t realise at the start just how much an electrician has to do but I’ve learned how to take the skills from the workshop into a real-life situation.” Another reveals: “The variety of work really surprised me – you really have to do things correctly all the time.”

Aimed at existing and would-be apprentices, episode No2 of Sparks’ Remarks also features three apprentices at the other end of their training who are looking forward to a challenging career.

One fourth year tells the podcast: “I’ve progressed to commercial and industrial installations, was involved in the wiring of a warehouse and have also worked on new tech, such as rechargers.”

Another says: “You really have to listen to the lecturers. They expect a lot of you, but there is no need to be embarrassed or afraid to ask questions – they are there to help you.”

The new release follows April’s launch episode, The good, the bad and the fallopian tube windups, with the budding electrical talent once again talking to journalist Kim McAllister and Barrie McKay, Training and Development Manager at SECTT.

Barrie said: “I’ve been really impressed by the young stars of Sparks’ Remarks and it’s clear their work ethic is strong and they really want to succeed in their chosen career.”


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