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Know the rules

SELECT Members are being reminded that it is vital to keep following the SJIB National Working Rules (NWRs) to maintain a “level playing field” across the industry.

With the ongoing uncertainty around pay and working conditions, The Secretary of the SJIB, Fiona Harper, has reinforced the importance of adhering to the NWRs to ensure consistency and protection through best practice for all SELECT Members large and small across Scotland and the UK.

Fiona, who is also Director of Employment & Skills at SELECT, said: “We have heard from some Members who are experiencing problems with recruitment due to people asking for higher rates of pay. However, if we all stick to the NWRs then the unintended consequences of an escalation of wage rates are cauterised.

“SELECT is a founding party and signatory to the SJIB NWRs, alongside Unite the Union”

“The NWRs have been specifically designed to ensure industry consistency, so if everyone follows them it ensures we maintain a level playing field, which is all-important in the current economic climate.

“We know this can often be a tricky subject, so we would be happy to discuss any queries that SELECT Members may have to help them navigate any issues and resolve things to everyone’s satisfaction.”

All SELECT Members are automatically considered members of the SJIB, with access to a wide range of benefits including:

  • Common employment terms and conditions based on employment law and best practice

  • Visibility and monitoring of electrical contracting and construction activity

  • Employee engagement and good industrial relations

  • Promotion and support of ECS Cards and SJIB Grading

  • Full access to SJIB disciplinary and grievance procedures

  • Tax dispensation on travel and accommodation, by agreement with HMRC

  • SJIB Welfare Benefits supplied at competitive rates

Access to, and support for, attracting future talent through the SJIB Apprentice and Adult Training programmes.

Fiona continued: “SELECT is a founding party and signatory to the SJIB NWRs, alongside Unite the Union.

“As well as stating that employers and employees are able to enjoy the rights and privileges as may be determined by the SJIB, the SJIB constitution also states that employers and employees are bound to accept, observe, and comply with the decisions, regulations, agreements, and rules made by the National Board.”

If you have a query about pay, working conditions or the National Working Rules, please contact the SJIB by visiting the website at



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