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In response to recent Member feedback, SELECT has created a range of resources to help answer customers’ questions about the upcoming changes to heat and smoke alarm legislation in Scotland

Serving our Members’ interests and keeping the public safe is at the heart of what SELECT does, and the introduction of the new Tolerable Standard has given us chance to demonstrate just that.

One of the key requests from Members this year has been clear information to pass on to domestic customers and landlords, who seemed unsure of the impact of new rules on alarms.

We’ve therefore created a range of free, easy-to-access resources that can be used by Members and the public alike to help them prepare for when the new standard comes into effect next February.

First up is our new public safety animation that clarifies exactly how householders and landlords can comply. It’s housed on a dedicated heat and smoke alarms page on our new website, along with FAQs, downloadable brochures and social media templates, and details of training and certification.

Our main aim is to help the public understand what they need to do, clearly and concisely, and where to go for help if they need it. This includes stressing the importance of using a qualified electrician to carry out the work.

We also want to develop SELECT Members’ understanding of what is required by giving them practical tools to help their customers and ensure all work is carried out safely and correctly.

Members are therefore now being encouraged to use and share these resources to familiarise themselves with the new rules and, in turn, help educate customers.

Presentations on the new rules are also being made by our Technical team at the online Branch Updates in October, with any additional questions added to the list of FAQs.

We hope the impact of this activity will be to help as many people as possible prepare properly and comply with the new regulations before the implementation date.

It’s just the latest in a long line of initiatives that we’ve rolled out to safeguard both the welfare of customers and the 15,000 people and 3,500 apprentices who work in our sector.

Stressing the importance of using a SELECT Member also reinforces our other long-running campaign for regulation of the electrical industry, ensuring that all work is carried out by a qualified professional.


The new standard

The new Tolerable Standard, which is applicable from 1 February 2022, requires that all homes in Scotland must have a smoke alarm on every storey, including hallways and landings.

There must also be a smoke alarm in the most frequented part of the house, such as the lounge, as well as a heat alarm in the kitchen and a carbon monoxide alarm wherever there is a fuel burning appliance.

In addition, all the heat and smoke alarms must be interlinked, either mains-powered with battery back-up or battery-powered with a tamper-proof long-life battery, to ensure there is an effective warning system to keep everyone and their property safe.




Three free downloadable guides, one giving an overview for the public, the others providing more technical in-depth advice for Members. Print copies of all three brochures are available by emailing



A two-minute information film, designed to be shared online and across social media platforms, educating the public on what they should do next and reminding them to use a SELECT Member to carry out any electrical work.



SELECT has created a downloadable image for Members to use on their website or social media business page, along with an example message explaining why the public should always use a SELECT Member to install and test their system.



Details of where to obtain certificates of design, installation and commissioning that can be given to clients to show that an installation complies with the relevant standard. Certificates are available via SELECTcerts or in paper format.



A list of the most commonly-asked questions about the new standard, to help prepare Members and their clients for the changes. These will be updated in line with any changes as the 1 February 2022 deadline draws nearer.



Details of the free CPD accredited training scheme from Aico, which provides electrical contractors with the latest requirements and information to select, site, install and maintain Aico alarms to the highest quality.


To find out more and access all these resources, go here.


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