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Change for the better

SELECTcerts is relaunched with new features in line with Amendment 2 – and more improvements are on the way

With Amendment 2 now in full effect, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our electronic certification service offers a host of enhanced resources that are compatible with BS 7671:2018 + A2:2022.

Following the withdrawal of BS 7671:2018 +A1:2020 ‘the blue book’ on Tuesday 27 September, we duly made the following Amendment 2 certification available in SELECTcerts:

  • Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC)

  • EIC Single Signature (SSC)

  • Minor Works (MWC)

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

As well these updated resources, the following new features have also been added:

  • New test sheet (schedule of test results) page type that shows every row on a page in a table.

  • New categories to organise certificate types, e.g. fire alarm, emergency lighting, electrical, etc.

  • New ability to copy previous version circuit chart and test results information for use in Amendment 2 certificates.

Automatic population of maximum permitted Zs value in the schedule of circuit details and any measured value above 80% or 0.8 of the maximum permitted value highlighted in the maximum measured Zs column in the schedule of test results. This will require confirmation that the maximum measured Zs value is satisfactory for compliance with BS 7671 and a tick box in the column adjacent to it now requires that the inserted value is confirmed as satisfactory. This will change the highlighted red text used to indicate a potential problem back to black coloured text after confirmation.

In addition, old 17th Edition certificates and templates and any 18th Edition certificates mentioned above have been removed.

We are delighted to offer this updated and enhanced version of SELECTcerts that will enable users to continue carrying out and recording electrical installation work in line with BS 7671:2018 + A2:2022.

The update, however, means that SELECTcerts users won’t be able to create new certificates or templates for anything older than Amendment 2 certificates, although they will still be able to continue working on existing older certificates still in progress.

As part of the ongoing updates and improvements, we are now planning further additions over the next few months. These will include:

Converter to Amendment 2 certificate type and Excel export

18th Edition certificates will be converted into Amendment 2 versions, bringing across allrelevant data.

Circuit chart and test result pages from certificate will be exported to Excel table to allow manual copy/paste of individual values as required (web only).

Note: This has now been included as part of the update on 27 September.

Updates to Certificate of Construction

  • Ability to choose underlying certificates to be attached – BS 7671 for electrical work, BS 5266 for emergency lighting, BS 5839-1 and BS 5839-6 for fire detection and fire alarm systems – adding relevant page to certificate at time of creation.

  • Ability to add additional supplementary certificates as additional pages once certificate is created.

  • Apply amendments provided to Certificate of Construction including tick list as part of “description of installation” for work, i.e. fire alarm/emergency lighting.

  • Additional drop-down field for local authority (LA) code certificate is being issued to.

  • Available on both web and app versions around mid-October.

Certificate creation without client and location

  • Time-saving enhancement requested by many users.

  • Instead of creating client/location first, details can be filled in as certificate is created.

  • New option to select existing client/location from drop-down.

  • Any new client/location automatically saved when filling in certificate.

  • Certificate automatically filed under client/location.

  • Available on web and app versions around start of November.

Add distribution board name and location to certificate pages

  • Will show distribution board and location as filled in on circuit chart and test results pages.

  • Will show when viewing all certificates pages, making it easier to identify and go into required page.

  • Available on both web and app versions around middle of November.

BS 7671 and Electric Vehicle Checklists

  • Ability to create BS 7671 example checklist of items requiring inspection during initial verification and also electric vehicle inspection check lists including: domestic, commercial and street.

  • Checklists will be available to fill in and print/email via website and app versions.

  • Available around end of November.

ISITEE Certificates (formerly known as PAT Certificates)

  • Three new certificates for use during in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment (formerly known as PAT testing) are to be provided by popular demand.

  • Generate a pass and fail from appliance register and completion from pass and fail.

  • PAT Single Appliance standalone certificate type.

  • Available on web and app versions around end of November.


Sign up for a FREE trial

SELECTcerts is designed to be accessed by all internet-enabled devices and is available from Google Play, the Windows App Store and the Apple App Store for an annual fee of £240 + VAT, or a monthly payment of just £20 + VAT. If you’ve not already signed up, register for your FREE trial at


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