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Luceco launches range of site lighting solutions

A new range of site lighting has been created by experts Luceco, in partnership with industry professionals.

The range of robust, high-performing and efficient 110V site lights has been developed based on feedback from those using similar products across a range of environments.

The new work lights further expand Luceco’s arsenal of lighting options, joining an already broad range of lighting products aimed towards the day-to-day tradesperson.

One of the stand-out products within the range is the Open Area Work Light, a portable dynamic light consisting of three individual LED light bars, which produces a total output of 3,600 lumens. Arranged in a single column on a foldable tripod, the light bars can be easily manoeuvred on site allowing light to be distributed in either a 360- or 180-degree arc, offering a complete solution for many on-site tasks.

Available from April 2019, the range provides a variety of site lighting options, certified to a minimum IP rating of IP44, with the bulk of the fittings tested to IP65, with the plug being IP44.

Craig Wood, LED Product Manager at Luceco, said: “We wanted to offer the UK market a competitive and comprehensive site lighting range that addresses the needs of those using them.

“As part of the design process, we worked with tradespeople operating across different sectors and we feel we’ve really been able to create a range of products that will boost users’ lighting options. We listened to them and developed a clear understanding of where the lights would be used and designed the range accordingly.”

The range is completed by a number of tripod work lights. It includes options for single or twin heads, a plasterer’s work light, festoon kit, a portable work light and non-corrosives in both two foot and five foot. All lights in the range come complete with 110V plugs and cable, meeting current standards.

Luceco’s 110V site offering is backed up by their current rechargeable Work Light and Inspection Torch range which offer tradespeople comprehensive task lighting solutions.

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