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A breath of fresh air for social housing applications

The faith fan from Nuaire

Small yet compact, the new FAITH fan from Nuaire has a facility to enable constant-flow operation via a sensor to guarantee installed performance. Unlike some other continuous extract fans on the market, Faith can automatically adjust its airflow to maintain the designed duty, enabling it to comply with ADF 2010 (system 3).

Nuaire Sales Director Andrew Sellman explained: “Within the repairs and maintenance sector, the testing and commissioning of continuous extract fans has been far less regulated than in the new-build sector. Many continuous extract fans in the market are perceived to meet building regulations but upon inspection, they often don’t meet the required duty. As a result, the property is under-ventilated.

“We have designed the new Faith fan to overcome this widespread issue of non-compliance, giving social housing providers the peace of mind that their extract fan will meet Part F and L of the Building Regulations and protect both the property and the tenant from damage caused by damp and poor air quality.”

Faith is available in 230V and SELV versions and is suitable for IPX4, for use in all zones within a domestic property.

For more information please visit or contact 029 2085 8200.

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