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Reliable testing from Megger

Megger MFT1741 multifunction installation tester

Megger helps you get in the loop for more robust & reliable tests

Fast and repeatable non-trip loop testing is now simple, thanks to Megger’s new MFT1741 multifunction installation tester.

Key features include new internal hardware, a novel algorithm to generate

results and an easy-to-read-display.

The MFT1741 offers everything needed to test electrical installations in line with the IET Wiring Regulations, as well as earth electrode resistance measurement.

It also provides three-wire non-trip loop impedance testing, two-wire testing, high-current testing, insulation test voltages from 100v to 1,000v, automatic and manual RCD test options, fast continuity checking, frequency measurement and true RMS voltage measurement.

The rugged construction ensures a long life in tough conditions, plus there’s large capacity internal storage and wireless downloading to Bluetooth-enabled laptops.

For further details, visit or call 01304 502 101.

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