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Duoxium Arbor

Check out the all new Duoxim Arbor

Contractor Kyle's bright idea is now making life a hole lot easier

How many times have you had to widen a hole to fit a new fire-rated downlight? Now there is a solution - the new Duoxim Arbor from Super Rod, which was designed by one of their customers.

Kyle Gamble, a young contractor from St Albans, was faced with an install of over 200 downlights, all with the same issue, plus a customer who did not want to redecorate.

After searching high and low for a solution, Kyle designed his own device. Spurred on by how much quicker it made the job, he set about trying bring it to market – and approached Super Rod.

Malcolm Duncan, Managing Director of Super Rod, said: “As soon as Kyle showed me the prototype I knew it would fit our Super Rod range. Great ideas come from installers in real working situations. We are delighted to have Kyle’s product as part of our range.”

The finished product is now about to hit UK stores and will be demonstrated at this year’s Elex trade shows.

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