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Work dead safely, stay alive

SELECT’s Technical team has been busy putting together new information on the importance of safe isolation – and the dangers of not following correct procedures

SELECT is launching a major safe isolation awareness campaign to help keep electricians and apprentices free from harm this winter.

Running under the banner ‘Work dead safely: Stay alive’, an engaging new animation, brochure and infographic have been produced to reinforce the importance of observing correct procedures.

The campaign – which will be launched in early 2021 to urge operatives to start the year safely – also graphically highlights the dangers of not isolating safely, with case studies of electricians who have been burned, scarred for life and even killed in preventable incidents.

Dave Forrester, Head of Technical Services, said: “This is an important initiative in which we must stress and stress again that we work in a complex and dangerous environment where safety must come first.

“Many of us know that not isolating safely can have horrific consequences, including electric shock and burns, some tragically fatal. Contact with an electrical current can lead to heart failure and burning of the skin and internal organs. Working with the Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB), we will do everything we can to hammer home the necessity of following the guidance and carrying out the checks that employers put in place.”

Designed to be shared online, on-site and in offices and colleges, the messaging clearly explains the importance of ensuring that supply is cut off from all, or any discrete part of, an installation by separating it from every source of electrical supply. The advice – which includes the free downloadable Ten Steps to Safe Isolation infographic shown here – is aimed at apprentices and competent electricians of all levels.

Fiona Harper, The Secretary of the SJIB, said: “Safe isolation is vital to ensure that anyone working on or near live electrical systems isn’t exposed to danger. Having the procedures clearly documented will protect everyone. The information is not only to encourage safety among experienced operatives, but it’s also for apprentices to ensure best practice is ingrained from the outset.”

Watch the video here

Download the new brochure and infographic at Print copies are also available on request by emailing


Top up your training

SELECT currently offers an online training course in safe isolation that can help to prevent incidents that could result in electric shock or burn injuries.

Also known as course 217, the half-day virtual classroom session provides practical guidance on low voltage safe isolation procedures during construction projects.

Presented by SELECT Technical staff, it covers:

  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE) concerns

  • The dangers arising from failure to isolate safely

  • Legislation and guidance

  • Safe working practices

  • Step-by-step safe isolation procedures

  • Use of suitable means of isolation

  • Use of suitable equipment

  • Site safety management.

The course is particularly relevant to situations where work is being carried out in the presence of other trades, and on sites where more than one electrician is employed.

The course costs £70 plus VAT for SELECT Members. Details are available at or by emailing


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