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Unicrimp trade tubs are first for fixings

The new tubs are packed with fixings

Unicrimp has recently extended its comprehensive range of Q-Crimp accessories with the addition of three new trade tubs. Comprising a variety of essential fixings and clips, the new tubs offer reliability and versatility and are ideal for any job – big or small.

These robust new tradesman tubs feature a resealable plastic lid and carry handle, and the tub itself is manufactured from recycled material. The First Fix Kit tub includes 400 x red wall plugs, 400 x 8x1 ½ screws and 100 x 20mm open grommets – bringing together all the elements in one handy pack to make back box essential installs that much easier for the contractor.  The Fire Alarm Installer Kit comprises 200 x red 28 LSF P clips, 200 x red 32 LSF P clips and 100 x red 302 LSF saddle designed for use on mineral insulated or soft skin fire cables. 

They are manufactured from copper and are LSF powder coated. They have been approved for the requirements of BS476 Pt.6 and BS476 Pt.7 and are designed to assist the installation of fire cable to meet BS 5839-1:2027 requirements.

For additional support with projects, the Multipurpose Q-Fire tub combines 70 x 25mm, 20 x 40mm and 10 x 50mm fire clips, 100 x 8x1 1/2 screws and 100 x red wall plugs. 

The various fire-rated clips sizes are suitable to be fixed to substrates or in PVC trunkings. They are 18th Edition compliant.    

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