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Our HQ has received a lighting upgrade

SELECT’s HQ has a bright new look after an energy efficient upgrade carried out by Thorn Lighting

When SELECT required an upgrade for the lighting at its HQ, former association president and experienced electrical contractor John Noble invited Thorn Lighting to provide an energy efficient solution.

John Noble

Working on a brief to modernise the spaces and take into consideration daylight levels, a variety of luminaires have now been fitted in the entrance foyer, main office, car park and subsidiary offices at The Walled Garden.

The main challenge for the lighting design, was to provide a new dimmable solution in a continuous row system without introducing any additional wiring. The chosen solution was Thorn’s IQ Wave suspended continuous luminaires with integral through wiring, dimming gear and mini sensors.

IQ Wave is an intelligent lighting system with integral controls that responds to presence/absence detection and the amount of daylight in the space.

No new wiring points were required for the lighting design as all the existing points were utilised by John and his team, who carried out the work.

IQ Wave suspended LED luminaires have now provided the optimum solution in the main office by offering a seamless lighting solution with clean, flowing lines. Incorporating Thorn’s patented MV Tech Optic the luminaire allows for excellent uniform light distribution and glare control UGR<19 and is available in 3000K/4000K colour temperature, CRI>80, with a lifetime of 50,000 hours.

Up to 40% energy saving is achieved with the MWS Microwave Sensor for presence detection and with the HFSX Dual Sensor up to 70% energy saving is achieved, while the integrated sensors allow flexible lighting control.

Thorn’s ability to achieve an optimum lighting solution in the main office also allowed for a full package offering for the other spaces at SELECT HQ.

To create a consistent look throughout the building, IQ Wave recessed LED luminaires were installed in the back office spaces, focusing on intelligent controls, optics, design and installation.

“Thorn has helped to create an improved working environment as our teams return to the office”

The IQ Wave recessed luminaire incorporates Thorn’s unique MV-Tech light optic and has a highly reflective back, creating a smooth, homogenous illuminance with no visible LED.

The low glare (UGR 19, <3 000 CD/m2 at 65°) also ensures a comfortable ambient light while the high efficacy (>100Llm/W) achieves significant energy savings in comparison to traditional light sources.

Lightweight Chalice 200 LED2000 downlights now illuminate the main entrance foyer at SELECT HQ. With an IP44 rating as standard, this delivers an efficacy of >100Llm/W and a low maintenance lifetime of 50,000 hours.

Thorn’s R2L2 road lanterns also now illuminate the car park at The Walled Garden. The super-efficient solution achieves up to 153lm/W, with the R-PEC optic offering 15 types of light distribution for precise light placement with no waste light.

R2L2 also provides maximum energy savings with a wide range of intelligent lighting control solutions from standalone dimming to full remote control via central monitoring system.

All the luminaires were selected for their high quality and advanced functionality and were simple for John and his team to install in all locations around SELECT HQ.

We are delighted with the results and thanks to their great lighting quality and high user comfort, Thorn has helped to create an improved working environment as our teams continue to make a phased return to the office.

Images: Niall Hastie Photography.



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