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SELECT Associate Member EC Insurance Services explains what it does and examines some of the myths around private medical insurance

EC Insurance Services are the latest organisation to build on their longstanding relationship with SELECT to become an Associate Member. Here they explain who they are and what they do, bust some common myths around private medical insurance and answer the most frequently asked questions about the service they can offer to Members

EC Insurance Services Limited (ECIS) was founded in 1980 to provide healthcare benefits to the electrical contracting industry to help businesses and their employees thrive.

Over 1,000 businesses use ECIS for their employee benefits

Since then, we’ve grown into a chartered insurance broker, providing a range of employee benefits and insurance products. These include private medical insurance (PMI), cash plans, health assessments, and tools insurance to electrotechnical and engineering service businesses.

ECIS administers one of BUPA’s 5th largest schemes

Our team of experts work to find employee benefits packages best suited to your business needs.

Acting on your behalf, we do the hard work for you and obtain terms from a range of insurance providers.

More than 13,000 workers use the schemes provided by ECIS

As well as SELECT Members, we facilitate PMI schemes on behalf of the SJIB, ECA and JIB and have more than 1,000 businesses providing the scheme as part of their employee benefits packages.

Our team has a wealth of experience in health and wellbeing benefits, so we thought we would bust some common myths about PMI…



PMI is expensive

Perhaps one of the biggest myths associated with PMI is cost. With NHS waiting times increasing, looking after your employees’ wellbeing could be one of the best investments you’ll make. There are benefit level options to help find the right cover to fit your budget. In a recent conversation with Simon Morgan of the Wessex Group, Simon commented: “The investment we make in staff benefits is paid back through greater efficiency, reduced absence, better productivity, and our reputation as an employer of choice.”

Hugh Wright from ECIS adds: “It’s important to look beyond the cost and consider the value that employee benefits such as PMI add to your business. The business case for providing additional support for employees is compelling.”



PMI means I can’t use the NHS

Clients may believe that their NHS access becomes restricted or compromised when they take out a PMI policy. This could not be further from the truth – PMI is designed to complement and support the NHS, and they work together for the best patient outcome.



My staff are young, fit and healthy, so I don’t need PMI

PMI is not just for older people or those more likely to suffer a serious illness. It provides health care services for all ages to take advantage of, with everything from muscle and back injuries being covered to physiotherapy sessions and mental health support.


Medical insurance FAQs

With the myths well and truly taken care of, here are some of the PMI questions that we get asked most frequently…

Do I need a full medical to take out PMI?

We do not require people to undergo a full medical examination. We may offer medical history disregarded underwriting in some cases, which means pre-existing conditions are not excluded, and cover can be provided without filling in a medical form.

Can I add my family to my policy?

Yes. Adding family members to a policy couldn’t be simpler. You need their name, dates of birth and address, and they can be added through the Canopy employer portal. Alternatively, the information can be sent to the ECIS benefits team, who can process the addition. The premium for the family members can be paid by the company and recovered from the employees’ salary, or the employee can pay for the cover directly.

Being independent means we work for you

Since 1980 we have been helping people get the best healthcare cover for their needs. In keeping with that same passion for helping people, our independence means that we are not tied to just one insurer. So, for example, if the BUPA scheme is not the right fit for you and your staff, we will find a PMI product that is. We’re here to make the process easy and understandable, while our online platform makes it manageable. We’re an open book.


How can we help?

ECIS would love the opportunity to help SELECT Members and their businesses. For more information on our products and services, visit our website at or contact us at 0330 221 0241. Your Member Representative can also provide further information.


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