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Safe and secure with Scolmore

The new addition to the Elucian range

Click Scolmore continues to expand its Elucian consumer unit range to provide electricians with the broadest possible range of units and protective devices.

The latest addition is a new REC Isolator Switch, designed to make the connection of consumer unit tails to the electricity supply highly secure as well as much easier and more convenient.

In several UK regions, REC isolator units are an integral component of the residential power supply set-up. They feature a front cover divided into two segments, allowing contractors and supply authorities to securely seal and lock off their respective ends, thwarting unauthorised access.

By connecting the supply tails directly to the REC unit, it obviates the need for repeat visits by contractors to establish the final connection.

Unlike most REC units which do not come with a lid, Click has kept the Elucian design in line with the rest of the range. The lid is also compatible with CUELOCK which can help ensure there is no unauthorised access.  The unit also includes a 100A mains switch and SPD module.

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