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New giant 4K touchscreen will make training even more engaging

SELECT is always looking for new ways to improve its training courses and engage better with Members, so we’re delighted with the latest high-tech addition to our classroom.

Our Training team recently took delivery of a giant interactive touchscreen from Clevertouch® Technologies that has revolutionised the way we deliver courses at The Walled Garden.

Designed by teachers for teachers, the award-winning technology features a host of built-in apps designed to make note-taking, brainstorming and presentation-building simple and intuitive.

The next generation training tool works like a giant whiteboard, and also allows us to screen videos and webinars and deliver traditional PowerPoint presentations – all in high-definition 4K.

It also allows us to share content from multiple sources to help with hybrid learning. Plus, its sheer size and clarity means that presentations can be seen by those who like to hide away at the back of the classroom!

As always, our Technical Advisers and Training team couldn’t wait to get hands-on with the new technology – quite literally.

After putting it through its paces, Training Development Adviser Stuart McKelvie said: “Our previous technology consisted of traditional projectors that provided some engagement, but we were really looking for a more cutting-edge solution that reflected the technological advances we discuss in the classroom. It was a challenge to find a suitable alternative as we wanted to ensure we offer Members the most engaging and interactive experience, but the Clevertouch® ticks every box.

“In essence, it works like a giant tablet, helping us communicate quickly and clearly to delegates and giving us a broader set of tools and far more flexibility than before.”

The screen has already been used for a variety of in-house courses and hybrid meetings, with excellent feedback from instructors and delegates.

One Member said: “The smart board is a fantastic addition and really allows you to explain things so much more clearly.”

Stuart added: “From a teaching standpoint, it provides a more engaging environment. And from the Members’ point of view, it’s really enhanced the learning experience.

“It’s already allowed us to increase opportunities for users to collaborate and engage, optimising our teaching and learning environment for all sessions, including SQA customised award courses.

“It’s the perfect demonstration of our mission to deliver the very best in everything we do, encouraging Members to come together to explore and expand on ideas, and empowering them to achieve more.”

If you’ve not already seen the screen in action, we look forward to welcoming you to The Walled Garden for your next training course so Stuart can show off his new toy!


Course moves with the times

Our recent Branch Updates provided the opportunity for Members to come together and ask questions. Here are just a couple of training queries raised at the events that we were happy to answer to provide clarity:

Q. Why should I do a training course on electric vehicle (EV) charge point installation? It isn’t a legal requirement is it? And isn’t it just a case of running a cable? 

A. It’s correct that there is no legal requirement to attend a training course to learn how to install EV charging units but, like every specialised piece of equipment, it’s in every electrician’s best interests to upskill their knowledge before they attempt such projects. The technology involved in charge points is changing and advancing rapidly and it’s certainly not just a case of ‘running a cable’! Like every part of electrical installation, it’s therefore vital to gain an understanding of EVs, their charging requirements and the many safety considerations and characteristics involved. Training provides a thorough grounding in the specific requirements relating to Section 722 of BS 7671, including modes of charging, requirements and restrictions, supply, earthing, planning permission, protection, labelling, control and risk assessment. In addition, it covers practical domestic and commercial installations, inspection, testing, certification and commissioning, including Distribution Network Operator (DNO) paperwork. Such training gives a contractor more confidence in the installation and commissioning of EV charge points and the knowledge that they’re carrying out the installation to the correct standards. It also gives consumers confidence that they’re using a professional installer who’s been properly trained, reducing the risk of any issues further down the line.

Q. Do we need to do Amendment 2 training courses? Or is it only for Grade Card renewals? 

A. We get asked this a lot, but the simple answer is that a Qualified Supervisor is required to update their BS 7671 training every five years. So if you’ve attended a BS 7671 course within the last five years, then there’s no requirement to attend an Amendment 2 training course just yet – but with the many changes included in the amendment, it’s always worth topping up your knowledge.

If you have any other questions about SELECT Training, please email or call the Training team on 0131 445 5577.


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