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Submit your questions ahead of the next Branch Update

Members are being invited to submit questions ahead of the upcoming Branch Updates to help encourage discussion and help SELECT deal with any pressing issues.

Presenting inquiries in advance was just one of a number of requests made in the recent Branch Update survey, which are now being rolled out to help keep the meetings useful and topical.

As well as the expanded Q&A, a technical quiz is currently being planned, along with brief updates from SELECT and the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust (SECTT).

Due to the pandemic, the regular meetings will once again be held online via the GoToMeeting platform, with each Update starting at 6pm.

Director of Membership and Communications, Iain Mason, said:

“We have taken feedback from the survey on board and will be making some slight changes to the next round of Branch Updates to help keep them relevant and interesting.

“We always listen to what our Members want, and submitting questions in advance is just one way we can continue to offer the service they need. We would welcome inquiries on any topics that may be of current concern and will do our best to deal with them on the night.”

To submit a question in advance, or find out more about the Branch Updates, contact your Member Representative or email

Email any questions for your Branch Update to


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