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Building your skills

Our new CPD scheme helps you keep track of your learning and development

In response to recent Member demand, we’re pleased to be launching our new continuing professional development (CPD) scheme as part of our ongoing commitment to skills.

This initiative will mean that individual Members will be awarded CPD ‘hours’ for training courses and other relevant events, such as seminars, webinars and in-house sessions.

To launch the scheme and get Members started, we’ve now updated our training course certificates to include these CPD hours.

This revised paperwork will now be issued for anyone attending a SELECT training course such as Emergency Lighting (course number 221), Safe Isolation (217) and In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (207).

CPD hours can be made up of:

  • Reading relevant course materials, i.e. prior study

  • Completion of an online course

  • Attending a training course

  • Completion of assessments.

We will also be issuing a separate CPD certificate for any non-assessed courses or seminars that Members may undertake.

These could include things like our Emergency Lighting Seminar or if a Member company asks for an in-house Amendment 2 toolbox talk. As outlined on pages 22 & 23, they will also be issued to anyone who attends the SELECT Toolbox Talks themselves.

Members can either be sent their printed certificate or a PDF version can be emailed out to help you keep an electronic record of how many CPD hours have been logged.

We’re also looking at introducing an electronic system of our own that will keep a record of individual Members’ CPD hours.

What is CPD?

CPD is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that help manage learning and growth.

Employees practise CPD to become better at their job and contribute to the progression of the organisation they work for. How effective or fast that progression is depends greatly on how often employers encourage employees to learn and engage in CPD.

CPD can help your employees keep their skills and knowledge up to date and prepare them for greater responsibilities. It can also boost confidence, strengthen professional credibility and help them become more creative in tackling new challenges by:

  • Carrying out learning activities on a regular basis

  • Carrying out different kinds of learning activities

  • Carrying out activities that can improve your business and benefit customers.

What are the benefits of CPD?

By ensuring that learning and development is embedded in company culture, employers can play a key role in CPD. Encouraging staff to undertake regular CPD can in turn lead to many benefits for employers, including:

  • Ensuring high standards throughout your business

  • Contributing positively to your organisation’s growth and success

  • Enabling a culture of learning and promoting a healthy working relationship with employees

  • Boosting employee productivity and building a more efficient and motivated workforce

  • Improving employee retention as employees feel more valued and loyal

  • Enabling employers to embrace change and react to shifts within the industry.

Without CPD, employees can struggle to keep up with an ever-changing sector – particularly in something as advanced and fast-moving as the electrotechnical industry.

This is especially true if your business involves compliance, where regulations and official advice are constantly being added or updated. It is also a great way to keep employees engaged and passionate about their work. The benefits of CPD for employees include:

  • Keeps qualifications up to date, helping learners gain relevant skills on the job

  • Plugs any gaps in knowledge and enables employees to adapt to a fast-moving world

  • Helps to improve productivity at work and the ability to learn and improve

  • Enables employees to demonstrate ambition, aptitude and willingness to learn new skills

Keeps employees focused on a pathway to career progression, leading to job security and achieving success at work.

CPD is therefore beneficial and essential for both employers and employees and is instrumental in building a happy and knowledgeable workforce. Further down the line, it can also help enhance a business’s reputation among customers.


SQA Customised Awards

Our SCQF Credit Rated courses are slightly different, with delegates awarded credit points instead of CPD hours.

Two credits means that a programme is expected to take an average of about 20 hours and three credits about 30 hours. Again, this includes both classroom time and home-study time etc.

​Course Name:


Credit Points:

SQA [SELECT] Customised Award in Design and Verification of Electrical Installations to BS 7671 (208)



SQA [SELECT] Customised Award in Initial Verification of Electrical Installations to BS 7671 (209)



SQA [SELECT] Customised Award in Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations to BS 7671 (including Periodic Inspection & Testing) (214)



SQA [SELECT] Customised Award in Requirements for Electrical Installations to BS 7671 (218)



SQA [SELECT] Customised Award in The Electrotechnical Site Safety Assessment



If you have any questions about CPD or other SELECT Training matters, please email or call the team on 0131 445 5577.

More information

To inquire about SELECT’s range of training courses, please call 0131 445 5577 or email


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