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Despite the cancellation of this year’s Toolbox Talks, SELECT was determined to keep Members in the loop with the latest technical developments – so has embraced the digital revolution and delivered its first-ever update on electric vehicles via YouTube

SELECT has overcome the enforced postponement of its popular Toolbox Talks roadshow by broadcasting digital versions of the technical presentationson YouTube.

The Technical team came up with the alternative solution after this year’s keenly-anticipated annual event became a casualty of the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of delivering the updates at 12 venues across Scotland in June as planned, electricians can now watch special videos hosted on our ever-expanding YouTube channel.

The first 30-minute film gives an in-depth update on electric vehicle (EV) charging, including an overview of requirements, list of charging mode definitions and initial verification.

The film – developed by SELECT Technical Advisor Mark McLaughlin and brought to life by Skills Player – also explains the impact and changes to EV charge point installation caused by the first amendment to BS 7671 issued earlier this year.

Dave Forrester, SELECT’s Director of Technical Services, said: “Every professional needs to keep up to date with their skills and knowledge and SELECT’s Toolbox Talks are designed to bring the latest developments into focus.


“Many of our Member firms are turning their skilled expertise to the issue of EV charging”

- Dave Forrester, Director of Technical Services, SELECT


“Many of our member firms are turning their skilled expertise to the issue of EV charging and we can foresee only a rapid increase in demand for this type of work.

“The regulations now in place are extensive and have already been revised, so we believe it is our job to equip our members with the very latest knowledge and understanding to continue to carry out first-class work.”

SELECT is now working on a second film and is also planning an online Q&A session in which our technical experts will answer member questions on EV issues arising from the Toolbox Talks.

The first talk is an in-depth  update on EV charging

Earlier this year CABLEtalk ran a special feature on the rise of EVs, including a feature on an Edinburgh-based member, ECS, which switched its fleet of vehicles from diesel to electric power.

Its MD, Willie Fairhurst, outlined the significant cost savings the company had enjoyed, and also revealed that staff concerns around range anxiety soon fell away.

He said: “Getting people to actually use them is the biggest challenge, but once they do we find they understand the advantages. Times are changing – people just need to be brave and do it.”

Watch the new EV Toolbox Talk at

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