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Snickers' Protecwork clothing range can help you stay safe on site

As working clothes on site go, there’s a big difference between conventional electrician’s workwear and specialist ProtecWork garments from Snickers Workwear, which includes protective wear for electricians.

Over the years, conventional workwear has evolved to make the working day on site more comfortable and efficient, with built-in functionality for tools and fixings, as well as protection against cold, rain and the effects of warm weather.

ProtecWork, the new ergonomically designed protective wear from Snickers Workwear, has a number of European Conformity (EC) marks across the range of products.

It has been designed and developed to protect the wearer from serious risks such as heat, flames, electric arcs and hazardous chemicals.

In effect, clothing that can mean the difference between life and death for the wearer. To be able to properly identify what protection is needed for electricians, you have to know what risks you, your employees or your workmates are facing. Category III clothing covers exposure to serious risks, which include major hazards such as electric arcs.

It’s therefore important to focus on that category of garments to provide the wearer with adequate protection.

Working in high-risk environments involves, as the name implies, high levels of risk. Arcs caused by electrical faults can cause severe injuries and damage.

So it’s vital that you choose the correct Class III protective wear to ensure your personal safety on site.

ProtecWork from Snickers Workwear is the new protective wear solution that will deliver the right level of layered protection to help ensure comfort, safety and wellbeing on site.

For more information on the new ProtecWork products, visit or alternatively, call the Snickers Workwear Helpline on 01484 854 788.

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