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Apprentice animation puts careers in the frame

A fun new animation by SELECT and the SJIB shows what it takes to become a fully qualified electrician – and the many twists and turns along the way

The journey to becoming a fully-qualified electrician is a long one – and a new animation for would-be apprentices shows exactly what they can expect.

Developed in partnership between SELECT and the Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB), the film shows the journey of a typical electrician, from leaving school right through to being a fully-qualified company owner.

Along the way, it explains the many choices and milestones – including climbing the fearsome FICA mountain – and highlights the opportunities for learning and development.

The film was developed from an original idea by Fiona Cornwall, SELECT’s Employment Affairs Operations Manager, who worked with animators at Connect Communications to bring it to life.

Hosted on the SELECT and SJIB websites, as well as the SELECT YouTube channel, the animation is designed to be screened at events and conferences to explain the career choices available in the electrotechnical industry.

Fiona Harper, The Secretary of the SJIB, said: “We are always looking at new ways to make the industry attractive to would-be apprentices and trainees, so Fiona had the excellent idea to show a typical career as a road journey.

“Together, we’ve created an informative and engaging communications tool that can be used to attract apprentices to the industry.

“We want to show them that the journey is a long one – but that it’s open to everyone and is very rewarding too.”

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