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M2 surge protection socket brings even greater peace of mind

M2 Type 3 surge protection socket

M2 have launched a Type 3 surge protection socket that can replace a conventional dual outlet without the need for replacing the existing wall box.

Some 35% of all surges are caused by lightning strikes, utility grid switching or heavy motor loads from nearby industry or even electrical accidents. The remaining 65% majority are therefore generated within homes or workplaces from various sources ranging from microwave ovens to laser printers.

Obviously installing Type 1 and 2 SPD devices is not necessarily job done and localised Type 3 protection is required if damage is to be avoided to all the electrical and electronic appliances we now have around us. Standard socket outlets can be easily replaced with the new M2 surge protected socket without having to change to a deeper wall box.

The stylish soft edge features a red neon indicator to denote the surge module is operative and a green neon to confirm an adequate earth connection. The integral module, which will sustain a 2.5kA maximum surge, protects both socket outlets simultaneously.

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