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Meet your new skills committee

First meeting for our new Training, Skills and Development Committee held at The Walled Garden

Here are the people who will now monitor training on behalf of Members and help ensure that the industry’s future skills needs are met.

The new Training, Skills and Development Committee met for the first time in April at The Walled Garden, with a brief to monitor and review all training and development matters that affect SELECT Members.

It will also give strategic direction to BSE Skills and engage with third parties including the Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Qualifications Authority, the Scottish Joint Industry Board, training providers and other trade bodies. In addition, it will monitor training content to ensure it is relevant, current and accurate.

Fiona Harper, secretary of the new committee, said: “Modern electricians are highly-skilled, professional people and it is essential that they are up to speed with new developments.

“SELECT has invested significantly in its training portfolio and our courses are highly regarded within the industry.

“Together, we will continue our efforts to raise professional standards within the sector.”


Skills Committee Members

(Main picture back row) Newell McGuiness, Managing Director, SELECT; Eric Rae, Immediate Past President, SELECT; David Smith, Past President, SELECT; Alick Smith, Past President, SELECT; Barrie McKay, Training Officer, SECTT; Gavin Ross, MCD Electrical Services Ltd; Mike Stark, Servest Arthur McKay; Peter Primrose, Scottish Qualifications Authority; Alasdair Noble, John Noble Electrical.

(Main picture front row) Fiona Harper (secretary), Head of Employment Affairs, SELECT;

Elaine Ellis, Qualifications and Skills Development Manager, SELECT; Darrell Matthews,

Managing Director Designate, SELECT; Anne Galbraith, Chief Executive, SECTT;

Nicola Jengaenga, Employment Affairs Advisor, SELECT

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