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New safety film aims for a surge of interest

The Surge Protection video as viewed on iPad

Following feedback at this summer’s Toolbox Talks, SELECT’s technical team is launching an informative new video about surge protection

SELECT is really switching Members on to safety after creating a helpful new technical video about surge protection. The YouTube-style film – which is due for release soon – has been produced by the SELECT technical team following feedback from our popular Toolbox Talks, which toured Scotland earlier this year.

Dave Forrester, Head of Technical Services, said: “It’s something we’ve been meaning to do for a while as a direct response to requests from our Members and will be particularly handy for those people who were unable to get along to the Toolbox Talks themselves.

“There are a couple of aims, but first and foremost it’s a way for us to educate Members who might be thinking, ‘I’m not sure which is the best device to protect a particular installation’.

“It’s also an opportunity to extend the way we use different forms of media to reach out to Members. We’re very much exploring alternate ways to speak to people, and YouTube in particular is a platform that we want to make better use of.

“It’s just one example of how we’re trying to engage more with our Members across different platforms.”

An engaging mix

Using a mix of live video, narration and diagrams, the film will explain the dangers of surge protection and the measures that can be taken to protect a variety of installations.

Dave said: “During our Toolbox Talks we covered surge protection in general, about how it can affect electrical installations and what we can do to protect sensitive equipment connected to those installations.

“With this technical update we want to focus on those devices that protect against surges. IT equipment is particularly susceptible, even to indirect lightning strikes. Simply turning equipment on and off can introduce voltage spikes which can be harmful to sensitive equipment.

“As we explain in the video, surge protection devices are designed to divert some of that high current away from equipment.

“In a standard domestic supply of 230V, you can get a spike of up to 6,000 volts, which could take out quite a bit of equipment. They don’t need to be switched on – if they’re plugged in and connected to the supply, a dangerous surge can cause damage.”

Compulsive viewing

The video is designed to be viewed easily on phone, tablet and desktop – so advice will always be at hand whenever you need it. Dave explained: “It’s designed to get the message across quickly and efficiently.

“It breaks down the essentials of protection and shows how members can safeguard clients’ installations against harmful surges, with a range of devices.

“It also explains which regulations deal with surge protection, and what contractors need to know before installing these devices. It’s been put together by one of our own technical advisors, Mark McLaughlin, so it’s easy to follow. He researched the subject, delivered the Toolbox Talks and developed the script. It won’t be his voice on it though as he’s a little camera shy!”

Get set for a sequel...

Dave and his team are currently putting the finishing touches to the video. Once it’s completed, it will be uploaded to YouTube and will also be available through the SELECT website, with Members notified how to access it.

But the technical team aren’t resting on their laurels and are already busy on their next small-screen projects.

Dave revealed: “The most obvious one will be an update on the IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition. We’re hoping to know the exact content by the end of this year, so we’re looking to put something together to share that knowledge with Members.

“We’re also currently producing a really good collaborative project with the SJIB for candidates approaching their Final Integrated Competence Assessment (FICA).

“We’ve even looked at doing something on topics like electric vehicle charging and earthing and bonding. This is just the start of a step-by-step process and we’ll measure the response to this film before the next one.”

If you require any further information about the new surge protection video, email Dave on or call him on 0131 445 9222

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