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Changes for the better

SELECT is delighted to be offering five new CPD courses with Skills for Security, with Members entitled to a 20% discount

Advanced signalling

Satalite pointed at the sky

Discover the different transmission types for signalling, including IP, GPRS, GSM and PSTN, gather key information on the analogue switch-off of our telephone network and how this will affect security systems, and technical information on the standards, grading and classifications used for signalling.

Course objectives:

• The purpose of signalling to an ARC

• How to identify the ATS paths used to transmit signals to an ARC

• The requirements, standards and codes of practice for ATE and URN

• The requirements to maintain and reinstate URN

• Why PSTN and ISDN are being phased out.

Cyber security for professionals

Intruder alarm survey and design

Survey and design of fire alarm systems

Survey and design of VSS


How to book

To book any of the above courses, please visit the Training section on the SELECT website at

All courses take between four and six hours to complete and SELECT Members are entitled to a 20% discount on the usual price of £48 per session.

To take advantage of this offer, please submit your discount code at checkout. This code should have already been emailed to you. If you haven’t received it, please email and we will resend it.


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