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Farewell everyone... we’ve seen a lot of changes

A gallery of pictures of Newell from across his time at SELECT

After 29 years with SELECT and 14 as MD, this is my last Comment piece for CABLEtalk. It’s been a long shift and a bit of a roller coaster, but overall a great ride and an enjoyable one at that.

I think all of us, Members and staff, have achieved a great deal over the years. Our association has grown considerably and SELECT is currently the ninth largest UK trade association by net assets, which provides a rock solid base for a vibrant and sustainable future for the organisation.

With almost 1,250 registered contractors, SELECT membership is now at a level that demands the attention of policy makers, and we are regularly consulted by a range of public and private organisations for our opinion on important industry matters.

We have delivered a lot for the Scottish electrotechnical industry. Space is too short to list all our achievements, but significant progress has been made in:

  • Regulating and raising standards in our sector

  • Establishing SELECT as the training provider of choice

  • Delivering stable industry conditions for employers and the electrical industry’s workforce

  • Directing training policy to support Scottish businesses.

I will, of course, be incredibly sad to leave SELECT, but it is time for a fresh pair of eyes to take our wonderful association to the next level. That job falls to SELECT’s new managing director, Darrell Matthews, and he has a great platform to start from.

Hopefully, Members will agree that the SELECT team has delivered excellent value for them over the years, and I am personally very proud of being able to hand over the association in much better shape than when I took on the role. That may be down more to good fortune and hard work than talent, but I am nonetheless pleased to have been a sound custodian.

I am certain that with our great staff in place, a trusting and supportive membership, and under the new leadership of Darrell, SELECT will flourish and continue to deliver excellent service and value for the Scottish electrical industry.

So farewell and very best wishes to all SELECT Members and staff for a long, successful and exciting future.

By Newell McGuiness

Managing Director, SELECT

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