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See the bigger picture with Vision’s new magnifier

Vision Engineering's Camß handheld magnifier

Vision Engineering has launched Camß (CamBeta) - a new digital handheld magnifier for portable inspection and documentation. The new inspection device is designed for electronics, mechanical inspection, automotive manufacture, watchmaking, plastics engineering, medical inspection and wherever rapid visual, digital documentation is needed.

Camß provides magnification up to 20x, stores up to 20,000 images and uses grids and cursors for X&Y dimensioning, allowing objects to be inspected in situ and information to be recorded and shared.

With a high resolution colour display, easy button operation and image capture and download capability, Camß is ideal for roving inspection tasks, documenting faults and inspecting large or immobile subjects. The device is equipped with dual LED illumination with four settings, high contrast imaging and 30 frame video capture. A live-view video output via micro HDMI allows images to be displayed on a larger screen. The Camß is well suited in production environments where mobile phones are not allowed.

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