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Frankie’s Italian cycle challenge to promote good health

SECTT Training Officer Frankie Greig is taking part in Italian charity cycle to raise money and raise awareness of the importance of maintaining your mental health and reaching out for help if you need it

Frankie says that getting out on his bike makes him feel better

SECTT Training Officer Frankie Greig is saddling up for a good cause as he prepares to take part in the gruelling Italian Lakes Cycle event in aid of the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC).

The 41-year-old will pedal more than 200 miles from Venice to Milan in September, passing the great lakes of Garda, Como and Iseo and through the famous cobbled streets of Verona.

And Frankie says the hours of training for the four-day fundraiser will be fitting payback for the EIC, which he says has helped him along his own journey to better health and wellbeing.

He revealed: “The EIC is wonderful and supports so many people, including me, so I wanted to do something in return and also raise awareness of depression, anxiety and suicide in our industry.

“I’ve been battling mental health issues for a number of years and also lost my best friend to similar issues some years ago, so it’s vital for people to know that help IS out there if you need it.

“I’ve learned that it’s important to take time out for yourself and do the things that you enjoy. For me it’s my bike and after coming back from a long ride I feel mentally refreshed and happier.”

“I know there’s a tough road ahead but I have to do it for the sake of my family and ensure I have a longer and healthier life”

The dad-of-three added: “As well as my mental health issues, I also have a lifelong disease called ulcerative colitis and last year almost lost my dad to heart issues at the same time as my mum went into full-time care because of her progressing Alzheimer’s.

“I’ve hit so many obstacles and heartbreak but I knew enough was enough and I had to make a drastic change and do something before I became a statistic too.

Frankie with son Aiden during a training ride

“There really are some wonderful, caring people out there who are more than willing to guide you through the tough times. It’s just so important to take that first step and speak to someone – there’s nothing so bad that can’t be fixed and I’d rather hear someone’s problems than read their obituary.”

Frankie, who is Training Officer for Paisley and Argyll and is based at West College Scotland, Paisley Campus, is now undertaking a punishing training routine to get himself in shape for his trek.

He said: “I still have a ton of work to do so I’m taking personal training sessions at my David Lloyd gym in Hamilton and am also following a nutrition plan as well as attending spin classes to keep the legs moving.

“Before I started I was the heaviest I’d ever been but I want to get my weight down considerably to change my way of life entirely.

“I know there’s a tough road ahead but I have to do it for the sake of my family and ensure I have a longer and healthier life.”

SELECT and the SJIB have now put £250 each into Frankie’s pot as he aims to smash his £2,200 fundraising total.

And he said: “I have until the end of September to obliterate the target. Every penny counts, no matter how small, so thank you to everyone who’s contributed so far – especially SELECT and the SJIB who blew me away with their kind donation.”

Donate to Frankie’s fund-raiser and find out more about his trip at


Megger donation is first class gift

Sandy, left, and Davy with the testers

SELECT Associate Member Megger have made a generous donation to SECTT to help candidates undertaking their FICA.

Assessment Centre Manager Davy Henderson gratefully received a batch of MFT1721 testers from Territory Sales Manager Sandy Thompson during a visit to the SECTT Assessment Centre in Cambuslang.

Davy said: “Electricity is not the future, electricity is NOW, so it’s vital that our young workforce is equipped with quality equipment to help them on the road to net zero.

“Megger’s support during these demanding times is second to none and giving candidates the option to use their testers has been positively received by both candidates and assessors alike.”



Name: John Gibb

Age: 17

Position: First-Year Apprentice Electrician

Works: Parker Technical Services

Studies at: West College Scotland, Paisley Campus

Hobbies: I like going to the gym and I go a lot.

What made you think of becoming an electrician?

I did the pre-app course at West College where I actually met some of the lecturers and Frankie Greig, who’s now my training officer from SECTT. It gave me a further insight into being an electrician, and I did quite well in the course.

I had always thought about becoming an electrician and so I went for it.

Was it difficult to get an apprenticeship?

Not really. I did the pre-app course and was offered interviews with companies through the college. I started with Parker Technical Services as a pre-app last March and became a first-year apprentice when college began in September.

How have you found it?

It’s been quite good. Frankie has made it easy to get any issues rectified and get any updates from college, and the lecturers themselves have been great for us.

Was the college training what you expected? What do you enjoy the most and what’s the most challenging?

I didn’t think it would be as similar to the pre-app course, but of course the college training is a lot more in-depth. I didn’t struggle too much because I made sure that I really paid attention so I could understand it all. Sometimes the cable calculations and the long equations can be a struggle but I didn’t find it too mind-blowing overall.

How about working on site? I’ve recently been moved out to a job to work on some high-rise flat blocks at Glasgow Quay. I like fitting out and terminating socket-outlets and taking the time to make a nice, neat job of it. However, I don’t get much experience of that because I’m in the industrial side of things, so I don’t go into houses and do rewires, I’m working in big distilleries and high-rise flat blocks.

Has there been anything about the job that’s surprised you?

Not really because I did the pre-app course and so I already knew what I would be coming into and what to expect from the job.

How helpful have SECTT and your training officers been during your journey?

They’ve been extremely helpful. Any issue I’ve come to Frankie with he’s helped me rectify it. I don’t think they could have done more for me.

What does the future hold?

I will hopefully work abroad for a good while and make a good sum of money!



SECTT manages high-quality training on behalf of the SJIB. To find out more about SECTT and its work, call 0131 445 5659, email or visit


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