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Andy Guest from the Lighting Industry Association gave an interesting glimspe into the LIA’ s new LED lighting compliance scheme.


He said historically wholesalers’  demands have been around “cost and volume”, but that the LIA has responded to recent calls for greater safety and performance standards. As such it now carries out a rigorous testing and certification programme through a new accredited laboratory in Telford, which verifies lamps and luminaires for performance, safety and efficiency.


The website allows users to search for products that meet the very highest standards and download the test results. However, Richard Barkes of BEMCO, and incoming EDA Scottish region chair, asked whether the LIA would tell the market if it finds a product already on sale to be “substandard”.


Andy said the LIA will work with manufacturers to make them compliant but that it does not ‘ name and shame’  a scheme member. But he said the UK Government issues Article 9 notifications covering unsafe or faulty electrical products, which the LIA passes on

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