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Connecting the latest Internet business opportunities with Power Ethernet by Powerline Training

In an increasingly digital world installers have an opportunity to take advantage of the wirleless networking market​

Connecting Internet driven applications and devices is increasingly a customer requirement and includes Digital Displays, CCTV, Access Control, Building Management Systems (BMS), energy management and Home Automation/AV to name just a few.  It is a growing market and a valuable potential business opportunity for installers.  However, in the UK, Electrical contractors have not always taken a role in these markets. Paradoxically there are no data related applications that at some point do not require power. 


If you have ever stayed at a hotel with great WiFi in the reception and found a different experience in your room, then youve already understood the difficulties of distributing data around a building.  Perhaps you have tried to install a Smart TV in an upstairs room at home, or into a garden office. What if the WiFi does not cope, there are coverage blackspots, or if it is impractical to run a data cable.  


There are a number of challenges to existing WiFi and cabling technology, such as thickness of walls, modern insulation or simply distance to the nearest router or data port.  Hospitality, new modular cabins, listed buildings, social housing along with domestic homes, require the ability to unlock the potential of the Internet.


There are also a host of industrial applications and Offshore/Maritime where network connectivity is also a challenge. Installing structured cabling/fibre is often prohibitive in time, cost, disruption and environmental impact.


One solution is Data over Power or Powerline Communications (Powerline) which uses the 50Hz carrier signal to run data along the existing mains cabling.  


Until recently this was only available via a plug-in form, which was suitable for basic home use, but it is susceptible to local electrical interference, not to mention tampering and theft or damage in harsh environments. Yet Powerline holds the promise of a cost effective flexible alternative that can be combined with traditional structured cabling and WiFi.  


Excitingly, there are now robust secure business grade variants of Powerline. These offer minimal disruption to the building fabric, are reliable and are easy for contractors to install and may also be used in more complex multi-phase installations. So its possible to create professionally installed Ethernet/WiFi access points virtually anywhere there is power. 


An interesting example is innovative UK manufacturer Power Ethernet. They have addressed many challenges by integration with the power outlet itself. In fact a world first combined power and data socket into a single integrated solution. In doing so, Power Ethernet makes kit that particularly suits contractors and installers. Power Ethernet has faced a challenge in recommending installers to end user enquiries across the UK. To address this they run an industry-accredited training workshop to equip attendees with the knowhow to install Powerline networks and which offers a clear path to increase your business. Recent attendees of the workshop have been very positive about the course and the business benefits.


By completing a three hour hands-on workshop and then carrying out some installations, Power Ethernet can list your business as an Approved Powerline Installer on their websites. They do charge for the course, but the £150 +VAT cost is more than offset by about £250 worth of network product included for each delegate. 


SELECT members can attend this course at a 10% discount.  To make use of the discount you need to use the promotional code of SELECTmember (all one word, case sensitive) when booking.


Places can be booked directly on  


Further information is available from Jonathan Bradbury, email or see







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