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Award-winning pensions

BlueSky  recently  launched  The  Crystal Trust,  the UK’s first trust based managed flexible drawdown plan

BlueSky  Pensions  UK,  the  award  winning  innovators,  are  a  leading  provider  of  highly governed  workplace  pension  provision  and  are  at  the  forefront  of  pension  provision  in  the UK.  


The  BlueSky  Pension  Scheme,  a  non-profit  arrangement,  is  one  of  the  largest  multi-employer Mastertrusts in the UK and has been in operation for nearly 30 years. It offers free access to any employer with additional competitively priced support available.  


The BlueSky Pension Scheme received the Pension Scheme Innovation award early in 2015 in  recognition  of  adding  value  and  originality  to  the  pensions  industry  and for  displaying excellence and a true commitment to the needs of its members.


Employers  can  meet  their  auto  enrolment  needs  and  give  their  employees  a  high  quality employment  benefit  by  nominating  the  award  winning  BlueSky  Pension  Scheme  as  their workplace pension scheme.


All  employers  in  the  UK  must  comply  with  Auto  Enrolment legislation  and  have  been assigned a ‘Staging Date’.Further information on ‘Staging Dates’ can be found in the Auto Enrolment section of the BlueSky website.


What employers need to do:-    

  • Nominate a contact    

  • Know your staging date    

  • Prepare a plan    

  • Review pension arrangements    

  • Check process and software    

  • Know your workforce    

  • Communicate with staff    

  • Declaration of Compliance with The Pensions Regulator


The secret to successful compliance is preparation and keeping the process simple.    

  • Assess payroll processes    

  • Assess existing pension arrangements    

  • Commence investigations 6 months before your staging date    

  • Contact BlueSky 


Auto Enrolment Solution


In addition BlueSky offer the Real-Time Auto Enrolment Data and Communications package for   employers   to   assess   their   workforce   and   satisfy   Auto Enrolment   responsibilities effectively, for only £7 per employee per annum.


Crystal Drawdown – Managed Flexi-access Drawdown solution


BlueSky  recently  launched  The  Crystal  Trust,  the  UK’s  first  trust  based  managed flexible drawdown plan and is open to any employer, pension scheme or individual.  


Crystal provides a range of retirement investment options for individuals to aggregate or accumulate pension benefits with a view to drawdown or take pension income at retirement on a managed or flexi access drawdown basis and retain control of the investment.


At retirement, a transfer of pension rights into the Crystal Trust, will enable individuals to receive a tax free lump sum and pension income.


In the new world of flexible savings which includes pension changes, there is more control and freedom of choice available through Crystal, where historically, individuals had to make a single irreversible decision and buy an annuity.


There are no set up fees or minimum terms when joining Crystal, with investment and drawdown options starting at just 0.75% per annum.


Further details of all 4 options can be found by visiting


For further information on how BlueSky can help your business, please visit:- or contact






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